Why athletes need in-season strength training

Why athletes need in-season strength training

September 1, 2020

“>You worked hard for the past 3 months in the weight room getting bigger, faster, and stronger to help you in your upcoming season. So why is the weight room one part of training that most athletes (and coaches) stop once their season has begun?
There might be fear of weight training cutting into practice time. Or could it be thinking you may be too sore and could hinder performance on the court or field?

Between practices, school, film, games, and other life events the weight room gets left out most often. It may not seem like a big deal, but neglecting your strength training totally, can torpedo the athletes overall performance.

But why is strength training in-season so important? It can help make you be more durable, maintain performance, and help you not lose the gains you made in the off-season. Strong athletes are durable athletes. By at least maintaining, you are able to withstand the demands of your sport. Maintaining your performance is key throughout the season. Most of the important games you play, are toward the end season with districts and state tournaments. Would you want to be at your strongest in the beginning of the season, and see your strength/speed shrivel away as the year progresses to postseason? A loss of training-induced body adaptations in response to a lack of training stimulus is known as “detraining.” By spending some time in the weight room each week, you are able to be as strong of a performer during game 1, as you are in the state championship game.

The weight room in-season should be your friend. You can maintain your strength throughout the season by getting in 2-3 lifts a week. Know what rep scheme is best and not introducing new movements will help keep your strength and decrease the chance of being too sore for games. Contrast training to muscle groups that are prone to over-use in season can also prevent over-use injury (as  an injury prevention tool for in-season training). New athletes can also gain muscle, speed, and inches on vertical as they grow/develop throughout the season. Talk to whoever you train with to get the best plan for your specific goals. 

Having personal trainers in our complex with Motivera 360 is a great resources to our youth athletes! If you have any specific questions on training or rehabilitation from an injury, feel free to reach out to us! (402)932-5394

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