Return To Sport

Return To Sport

August 10, 2020

While we were in the heart of the global pandemic, many of our routines and habits changed. One of them being a break from all organized sports. Most athletes go from one season to another with little break, so having a full 3 months off was a great time to give our bodies a break. But that nice break also gave their bodies time to be de-conditioned. Even if your child was staying active, they most likely were not as intense as they would be during practice/game. There is a reason training camps exists in professional sports.

One mistake we make is trying to pick up right where we left off. Mentally we are ready to get back on the court or diamond, but physically our body may not ready. The 3 month break could have led to weight gain and less resilient muscles/tendons meaning you may have an increased chance at a sprain/strain. An injury can be defined as any load the body is not ready for. If you take your body over the threshold of what it is used to, that is where an injury could occur.

Most coaches are aware they need to ease back into practice and competition, but that does not mean an injury won’t happen. Spending a little more time on a proper warm-up and mobility would be very beneficial. Getting some extra self-care can go a long way. The first line of defense is to know when to back off of training, while identifying soreness vs injury. Soreness= discomfort that is general that can dissipate after stretching or warming up. Injury= burning, stabbing, sharp pain that does not go away with proper stretching and warm-up. An injury could mean you are still having the same pain 24-36 hours after activity.

With 2020 being a year of the unknown, we would love to help if you have questions about an injury or return to sport. We offer a free consultation for anyone. We want you to know we are here for you. Have both a chiropractor and physical therapist in office, we have a variety of treatment options to get your child back to their sport as quick as possible!

Geoff Buchta, D.C., A.R.T. and Chris Erickson DPT, Cert MDT, ATC

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