Essential Motion Spine & Sport is an evidence-based and patient-centered practice in West Omaha. We focus on getting to the root of your problem by completing a neurological and functional exam tailored to each individual depending on their presenting symptoms. The treatment plan will address the main causes of joint dysfunction and improper biomechanics that are causing the problem and or symptoms, and not just focusing on the pain. Pain is often the last thing to come and the first thing to go when there is a problem in our bodies. Thus removing the pain is important, but equally important is finding the underlying cause of your problem. Our bodies are made up of several dynamic and ever-changing units which all work and function together to help us achieve optimal health. The unique combination of Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy interventions, and massage therapy truly gives you and your loved ones the best chance to decrease pain quickly. You will be able to fully recover so you can live and play the way you want. There are currently very few clinics in the Elkhorn and West Omaha area who take this approach to patient care.

By using a functional approach, we address the entire body and how it works as a kinetic chain. Our functional treatment can improve not only your pain, but your overall stability, strength, and mobility. For example, if you have low back pain, we want to know how your hip, knee, and foot move and function. At Essential Motion our goal is to deliver a variety of manual therapy techniques such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, functional rehabilitation, and neuromuscular reeducation along with specific soft tissue protocols (A.R.T, Graston, Post Isometric Relaxation, and FAKTR).