I have nothing but positive things to say about Essential Motion. My daughter is a XC runner and was experiencing shin splints. Not only did Dr. Buchta adjuster her, but he gave her stretches and exercises to do at home to get her back to running as soon as possible in the best condition possible. I highly recommend Essential Motion and Rehab.
Briana C.

I went to Dr. Geoff for a check-up on my knee because it has been bothering me since my surgery. AMAZING? Very nice, personable, and helped reduce the pain tremendously. I highly recommend!
Anela A.

I was in horrible pain and felt 75% better after just ONE appointment! He has GREAT bedside manner! Very thorough. Made me a believer of Chiropractic care!
Cheryl A.

Dr. Geoff is great at what he does! I’ve been going to him for a few years now and never once thought of changing doctors. He takes more time with you than other chiropractors and makes you feel better much sooner. I would recommend anyone to him any day.
Jacob B.

Exceptional chiropractor! Listens and takes cares of his patients. Doesn’t just crack and pop bones but works with the muscle to make sure everything is feeling good. He is also great with kids. I have been taking all 3 of kids there and my youngest who is 4 loves to get adjusted. Want a great chiropractor go to essential motion!
Angie R.

Dr. Geoff Buchta is Amazing! He is Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly! I highly recommend Geoff! 🙂
Lisa A.

Geoff knows his stuff! I went in some time ago with lower back issues. After taking his time and really assessing, not only did I get some great adjustments, but also some helpful advice to keep from getting in the same situation down the line. They are all about the client at Essential.
Kyle D.

Dr. Buchta is a great chiropractor! He really focuses not just on “fixing” what is bothering you, but showing you different stretches and exercises you can do to help prevent future issues. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor!
Ben P.

I won my battle with cancer but, due to fatigue and many hours spent in my recliner during my journey, I became very stiff and my sciatic was in bad shape. I had been introduced to the ART method years earlier and was overjoyed to know we now had a chiropractor in Fremont who practiced it. I met Dr. Geoff Buchta and was immediately impressed and anxious for him to give me back the quality of life I was accustomed to. He has worked with me and brought me back to my “old self”. I can not stress enough how allowing Dr. Buchta to treat you will be one of the best decisions you will make for yourself if you desire a pain free and mobile life. You need to experience ART and Dr. Geoff’s abilities as a chiropractor, you won’t be sorry!
Carole D.

“My hands, wrists, and fingers on both arms were painful in daily activities, especially when typing or playing the guitar. I had tried sleeping with a wrist brace on each hand at night to relieve the pain. After a few years, this was no longer helpful. I was seriously considering giving up playing the guitar, which I have enjoyed doing for some 40 years because it was getting too painful. Thinking it might be carpal tunnel, I met with Dr, Geoff Buchta. After a few treatments and having some simple exercises to do between appointments, I no longer experience pain!! As I continue to do the simple exercises- especially if using hands for extra typing and/or guitar playing, my hands remain pain free! His personal time spent with me at each appointment was never rushed. He answered any questions I had. I highly recommend Dr. Geoff Buchta to anyone who might be considering chiropractic!!
Sister Margaret

“Dr. Buchta has significantly helped my back pain and treats with care. Would highly suggest seeing him for any reason. Cares about your injury and you as a person. 10 out of 10!!
Kayden O.

“Geoff is a great chiropractor. He thoroughly listens to the issues I’m having with my back and properly demonstrates the stretches I can do at home to help relieve my pain.I will continue to see him and recommend him to anyone that is in need of chiropractic care.”

Gabby Z. 

“After my previous chiropractor left town I was struggling to fine someone that worked for me. After a referral from a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Buchta. I have chronic low back pain and migraine headaches. I also pinched a nerve in my neck from sleeping wrong. After one visit I felt back to my old self. They also taught me stretching exercises for my back. I would highly recommend!”

Tracy F.

“They were very helpful in helping me learn and figure out what was going on with my knee!”

Paige R.